Nestled amidst the majestic Sahyadris, Mahabaleshwar is simply a tourist’s paradise. Its scenic landscapes, mazelike paths, shimmering waterfalls and serene surroundings make it every tourist’s dream destination. Being the highest hill station in the Western Ghats, the place offers amazing views of the lovely valleys that lie beneath. A rather laid-back, easy-going town, Mahabaleshwar is heaven for those who seek an escape from the hustle of everyday city life. Sit back and enjoy the pristine beauty of the place, the wildlife that thrives here and the lovely nature that is all around you.
Lingmala Waterfalls

Mahabaleshwar is home to some extremely charming waterfalls. The Lingmala Falls atop the Venna Valley is extremely picturesque as the water cascades down almost 600 ft.

Dhobi Waterfalls

An extremely picturesque fall, the water cascades from into a deep valley before meeting the Koyna River.

Chinaman Falls

Another scenic picnic spot, the falls are accessible through the Tiger Path Road or from Babington Point by Carviali Road.

Wilson Point

A wonderful spot to enjoy spectacular sunrise and sunset views, three observation towers provide splendid views of the valleys around.

Kate’s Point

A picturesque point in the hills, it is known for the echo it provides.

Venna Lake

The most happening spot in Mahabaleshwar, the lake is set amidst trees surrounding it. Take a boat ride on the lake or hire a horse for riding along the path.

Arthur’s Seat

Also known as the Queen of all Points, it is the best place to get impressive views of the Jor Valley. The spot also provides enchanting views of the valleys and is a great place to spend time.

Holy Cross Church

Although not very well-maintained, this Roman Catholic Church is worth a visit for its striking stained-glass windows.

Pratapgad Fort

This Fort is a must-visit to get a glimpse of the valor and courage of the Marathas. It was here that the mighty general of Bijapur, Afzal Khan was killed by Shivaji. The fort offers amazing views of the town lying below.

Panchaganga Temple

A unique temple with five stone conduits, it is believed to be fed by waters flowing from five holy rivers Krishna, Venna, Koyna, Savitri and Gayatri. These streams of water further join into the cow-face spout. The River Ganga is also believed to flow here once every 12 years.

Old Mahabaleshwar Temple

The town is said to derive its name from Lord Mahabali or Shiva, who is shown here as a self-made lingam in the shape of a rudraksha seed. It is also believed that a spring flows below the shivling.

Mapro Farm

This is the best place in Mahabaleshwar to try out a wide range of strawberry shakes, fruit salads and ice creams. You can also purchase fresh fruit squashes, lemonades and fruit juices to carry home.

Bagicha – Falooda